New Year Offer From CallCenterHosting: 15 Day Free Hosted Dialer

We at CallCenterHosting believe in giving our customers the best. We know customers are a priority, and what better way to help your customers than help them extend the same quality and results to their call center.

With 2020 ringing in, we wanted to bring our new customers with a special offer (limited period, so grab your chance.)

We’re happy to announce a 15-day free trial of our hosted predictive dialer so that you can try our product and know our brand up close before making a long-lasting commitment to us.

The hosted predictive dialer we offer comes with a variety of features. But first, let us tell you what you get with this offer.

  • Absolutely no setup fee
  • No base charges (at all)
  • No minimum charge
  • Integrate with any VoIP service provider (Recharge VoIP or bring your own VoIP connection)
  • Free 24×7 support

All that free of cost. Unbelievable, right?

Feature Packed Predictive Dialer

A hosted predictive dialer has unbelievable features as well, let’s see them one by one:

  • CRM Integration for handling your customer information
  • Interactive Dashboard for ease of use and accessibility
  • Campaign Management to make the most of your efforts
  • Predictive Dialing for more talk time and fewer wait times
  • Skill-based Routing for better first call resolution and expert handling
  • Reports and Analytics to track agent and overall performance

A predictive dialer can greatly impact your business by helping you deliver better campaigns and making the most out of your agents’ time. Also, CallCenterHosting’s hosted predictive dialer is hosted on the cloud, making it even more useful and easier to use.

With a hosted predictive dialer, your business can save time and money and can also ignore all geographical boundaries and communicate without any hindrance.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Let’s look at it this way, if you are setting up a call center and want a service provider for your dialer, what would you want that service provider to provide?

With CallCenterHosting, it’s about way more than just the service, we believe in top quality and treating our customers like our family. This belief is why we are offering this free trial to help you understand our brand and get to know us before you make your decision.

Let’s look at the reasons why we are the right choice for your call center:

  • All-around support– whenever, wherever
  • Cost friendly and customized plans for all your business needs
  • Integrate all your business applications and work without any hassle
  • Increase your productivity with top-quality communication
  • Improve sales and retain customers with enhanced customer service

Still not convinced? Try it free for 15 days and make a choice for yourself. (No pressure!)

Also, we at CallCenterHosting provide many other services as well, all helping you communicate with your customers better. Get in touch with us for services like call center solutions, voice broadcasting, toll free numbers, IVR, and many more.

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Infographic: Never Say These Things to Your Customers

They say, “The customer is always right.” But this phrase might not always hold true in the real world. There can be instances where the customer is not absolutely correct. But it is the responsibility of call center reps to maintain a positive attitude towards customer behavior and handle customers’ problems.

According to , 70% of customers quit doing business with an organization because they felt they were treated rudely or with indifference. Moreover, most of the employees who treated customers harshly never realized it.

Research has revealed that almost 100% of the time, customer service representatives on support calls have to deal with angry and unhappy customers. In such a situation, even a single inappropriate word uttered by the call center agents is enough to leave the customers irritated. It makes the customers never want to return to the business again because of that one unhappy experience they had.

Here are some phrases and words that customer service reps must avoid during their conversation with the customers:

Infographic: Never Say These Things to Your Customers

1. “I Don’t Know.”

When customers call a customer service agent, they expect that they will be given answers about their problems. Even if the agent has not got the solution to their problems, he/she must never say “I don’t know” to the customers.

This phrase may just kill the customer’s confidence in the agent. Instead, the call center reps must be confident and try to find the optimum solution for all customer queries.

What To Say Instead?

“I’m curious about this. Let me look into it now….”


“I will find that out for you ………”

2. “Calm Down”

Sometimes the customer may start yelling on the call and become irrational. They might have been experiencing trouble regarding the product and services. Customer service reps must refrain from using the phrase “calm down” in such situations.

They should try to empathize with the customers and handle them politely.

What To Say Instead?

“I understand your situation, Sir/Ma’am, let’s discuss it so that I can give you the best possible solution.”

3. “You Are Wrong”

According to fan experience expert, Ruby Newell-Legner, it takes 12 positive experiences to compensate for one unresolved unpleasant experience.

Telling a customer directly that “he is wrong” can be a huge mistake.

The customer will feel like the call center rep is questioning his capabilities and understanding. This uncertainty may leave the customer in an aggravated situation.

What To Say Instead?

“Sir, can you let me know where exactly you are facing the problem so that I can assist you.”

4. “Can You Tell Your Details Again”

Asking the customers about their details, again and again, might annoy them. Customers expect that once they have shared the details with the agent, the agents will immediately come up with a solution.

Hence the customer service reps must refrain from “asking the details from the customers repeatedly.”

What To Say Instead?

“Sir, would you like to confirm the details for a better assessment?”

It can be a tedious task for the customer service reps to answer all the customer’s problems- all that while maintaining their calm.

However, with a little patience and dedication, the agents can easily make successful and productive conversations with the customers.


Different Types of Toll Free Numbers: How To Select One?

Seamless communication gives an edge to your business in the market, and toll free numbers are one of that solution that can streamline your business communication while increasing the customer reach. 

If you are a business owner and looking forward to increasing your customer base, provide customers with a toll free number. 

Toll Free Number (also known as Free Phone Number) allows a customer to contact a business without paying calling charges associated with the call. Toll free numbers are an important business asset that can bring a bundle of opportunities for your organization. 

Below is the list of some crucial benefits of having a toll free number.

1. Increases Brand Image

Toll free numbers are much easier to remember and work for every business irrespective of their sizes. Having a toll free number gives recognition and can bring more business as people are more likely to call you.

2. A Perfect Marketing Tool

Using a toll free number in your business makes it easy to keep track of marketing efforts. As businesses use multiple strategies to promote their products and services, it becomes difficult to analyze which campaign works best from a business perspective. 

Toll free number not only expands business reach but also boosts brand recall. They can help improve the marketing campaign ROI as they are easy to remember and free of cost, so customers will surely reach out in case of any business inquiry.

3. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer appreciates when they need not pay the business for getting assistance. Toll free number is one such medium that builds customers’ trust towards the organization, which, in turn, improves the level of customer satisfaction.

4. Easy Porting

Portability is one of the essential factors offered by toll free numbers. If a business is moving from one location to another, then there is no need to switch to another phone number. Toll free number portability allows business owners to keep their existing numbers, even if they are shifting to another location.

How to Choose the Right Toll Free Number For Your Business?

A lot of toll free number options are available to select from, according to the business requirements. Although, the purpose of all types of toll free numbers is the same.

Here, we are going to explain different types of toll free numbers that are used by most of the organizations, let’s go into deep:

1. International Toll Free Numbers

Traditionally, toll free numbers are country-specific, which means you have to pay calling charges if you are dialing from another country. Country specific number restricts the callers to dial a number free of cost if they are making the call to another country number.

But an international toll free number increases your global reach without incurring charges even if you are calling from another country. With these global phone numbers, customers or clients can call a business free of cost, no matter where a business is located. 

Area of International Toll Free Numbers

International toll free numbers have become essential business tools for all sizes of companies. The companies who have customers in multiple geographic locations, use these numbers to serve customers better.

Let’s say a business’s physical presence is in Australia, and it has customers in Germany and England as well. An international freephone number will allow customers from Germany and England to dial numbers without paying any charge, as all business calls will automatically be forwarded to the head office in Australia.

Businesses can gain loyalty among customers as these numbers help to maintain an international presence without changing their business phone numbers.

2. Domestic Toll Free Numbers

Most of the companies preferred local toll free numbers (aka domestic toll free numbers) for their national presence. These numbers facilitate business communication across the nation. 

Also, these business phone numbers don’t incur any charges if a caller contacts a business via mobile phone. Usually, extra charges for calling from a mobile phone occurred with ITFS numbers (International Toll Free Numbers), but domestic toll free numbers are free from these restrictions.

Area of Domestic Toll Free Number

Businesses who target only specified locations in their respective nations use these numbers. Also, the businesses that give access to their customers to dial their business numbers from any device, including payphones and mobile phones, use these numbers.

3. Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

Like other types of numbers, Universal International Freephone Numbers don’t cost to the caller, only the receiver pays. Companies operating across the globe use UIFN numbers. These numbers consist of 11 digits, which includes a 3 digit country code followed by a global subscriber number.

Area of UIFN Numbers

UIFN numbers are mainly preferred by large enterprises that prefer a single number for all business operations. UIFN number covers more than 50 countries that help businesses to serve their customers regardless of their location.

4. Vanity Toll Free Number

Nowadays, companies have been trying to come up with many ways to add meaning to their business numbers. And this can be achieved with vanity phone numbers. These phone numbers are easy to remember and would be the perfect choice to be recognized among competitors.

Vanity business phone numbers are freephone numbers that consist of the sequence of digits and alphabets. These numbers differ only in appearance. 

For example, a food delivery company that is offering PIZZA may use this type of combination 1800-GET-PIZZA as their vanity toll free number. This type of combination is easy to remember, while many companies use all numeric digits ending with repeated sequences.

Area of Vanity Number

Travel agencies, food delivery companies, and other businesses are leveraging advantages from these numbers as they are memorable and represents the brand.

Summing It Up

Before obtaining toll free numbers, firstly understand what your business needs and get the solution accordingly. These numbers can bring a positive change in your customer service, along with maintaining customer satisfaction. Free phone numbers act as a convenient platform where your customers can connect with you effortlessly.


Top Call Center Trends 2020: “Calling” For Future

The call center trends for 2019 saw the rise of call center analytics, social media engagement, and the importance of AI.

Businesses are already changing at a relatively faster pace than it was expected. Domains like call center technologies lay enough emphasis on customer satisfaction, improving customer experience, enhancing service levels, all this while simultaneously increasing the sales of the organization.

Artificial intelligence, big data, business analytics technologies are driving incredible innovations and bringing tremendous advancements that are making it possible to do stuff with user data that people only dreamed of a while ago.

In this blog post, we will look at some most dominant trends for the year 2020 that will make a considerable impact on the way call center industry works. We will look at the developing areas in terms of business strategy and how businesses can change their means of customer service.

Call Center Trends For 2020

Call Center Trends 2020 Table of Content

  • AI – The Driving Force
  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Data and Speech Analytics – The New Norm
  • Text Marketing Returns
  • Social Media Engagement

1. AI – The Driving Force

A recent Gartner report  suggests that 55% of established companies either have started making investments in the potential of artificial intelligence or are planning to do so by 2020.”

Artificially induced intelligence in machines is said to bring a drastic difference in the way companies interact with their customers. Most importantly, AI is expected to be omnipresent, which means that that it will influence the way customers engage with brands, technologies, and so on.

Let’s look at some key areas where AI is said to be functional –

  • Implementing Intelligent Call Routing

Call routing refers to the process of directing the incoming calls to the available agents in a call center. It will help save time for call center executives who initially had to devote long hours coding the routing algorithms. Now, artificial intelligence can predict the best available service group according to the profile of the customer and direct the call to that agent.

Alternatively, Artificial intelligence can also be used for skill-based routing to ensure that the customer call is directed to the right agent.

  • Providing multi-channel support

At times there arise issues that are much more complicated and cannot be solved with the conventional problem-solving approach of the agents. An intelligent AI-powered support system can direct the customers towards parallel support channels.

  • Performing Well Informed Actions

AI-assisted automation of customer service platforms has the power to perform multiple tasks and generate immediate responses.

AI for customer service will identify the issues of the customers, process, and learn from the customer information and respond with the optimized solutions.

Key AI Will Be the Driving Force Trend Takeaways

✔  Most companies will invest in AI by 2020

✔  Skill-based routing using AI will optimize call volume

✔  Customers will have access to multi-channel support

✔  AI-assisted customer service platforms will be developed

2. Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication is now a well-established concept and has been widely used in contact centers. It refers to exceptional customer experience across multiple channels. This trend has grown over the years and is the critical differentiator of proactive brands and reactive competitors. More and more call centers are transforming into “Omnichannel Call Centers.”

Call centers are aiming to take the omnichannel support one level up by ensuring the seamless customer experience. This also includes delivering “a constant customer experience” across every touchpoint.

More call centers will focus on maximizing the omnichannel support. Brands will lay more emphasis on building one brand and consistent voice channels. This can be accomplished by maintaining the same response on call, text, or even in automated response mail.

Key Omnichannel Communication Will Flourish Trend Takeaways

✔  Omnichannel communication is the means of offering personalized communication

✔  Call centers will focus on delivering “constant customer experience”

✔  Omnichannel communication helps the customers to navigate between different channels

3. Data and Predictive Analytics – The New Norm

The capabilities of data and speech analytics are expanding all the time. According to a survey, 66% of call center businesses are looking forward to investing in Advanced Analytics to provide a better customer journey. Analytics in a call center help in creating an effective strategy for improving the business outcomes and performance metrics.

Analyzing the call history and data is of utmost importance from a call center manager’s perspective. Many call centers have an insufficient amount of data to perform an analysis of the call center agents’ performance. Therefore, to tackle this problem contact center is coming up with the analytics program that focuses on automating the process of providing customer data.

One such concept is Predictive Analytics. The predictive analytics program focusses on transcribing speech to text so that an agent can review the text for potential queries. This program will be used for predicting future outcomes and the best possible solutions that can be framed.

The predictive technology will be used widely to analyze a huge chunk of data, including live audio streams, recorded voice files, social media engagements, emails, chats.

Thus, in the future, we can expect greater use of behavioral and predictive analysis to predict human behavior.

Key Data and Predictive Analytics Will Evolve Trend Takeaways

✔  The trend of automatic analysis is likely to grow

✔  Predictive analytics will be used to derive insights into agent productivity and customer behavior

✔  Contact center analytics will deliver smarter, proactive results

 4. Text Marketing Returns

The use of digital channels for customer service has been on the rise. Text messaging is one of the most prominent and active channels of communication. The reason behind text messaging being a convenient mode of communication is that it allows the businesses to respond immediately to the customer service issues in the form of a simple text message.

According to Attentive, 98% of Americans are open to receiving offers from brands in the form of text messages. Companies are using text marketing technologies, namely using clickable links in SMS’, videos, gifs, maps integrated within the text message.

Now, this mode of communication is useful because the messages always get delivered; that is, if you have an internet connection, you see the interactive chat message; otherwise, it displays a simple text message.

The text messaging and email marketing are said to be on the hype by 2020 that will include more marketing campaigns using clickable SMS, sending promotional offers to the customers, and customers may receive their first RCS (Rich Communication Services) message.

Key Text Marketing Returns Trend Takeaways

✔  Customers prefer to contact customer service through chatting or texting

✔  Rich Communication Service lets you embed clickable links, videos, gifs, maps

✔  Text messaging will evolve, and more customers will prefer it over phone calls

5. Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms have become a necessary touchpoint for both brands and customers. Customers reach a company’s social media profile in case of any problem or query. While a website is crucial for a brands’ online presence, social media customer care offers a comparatively convenient mode of communication between the brand and the customer.

According to Smart Insights, 1 in 3 users prefer using social media when reaching out to a brand or business for customer service. Social media customer care is growing exponentially, and customers’ demands are also rising.

Thus, social media is becoming an integral part of unified communication. Companies are making use of AI-powered chatbots, sentiment-driven analytics to respond to personal queries online. Social media platforms also enable two-way interactions between the customers and the company. Customers can provide their feedback more conveniently on social media.

A rise in the use of social media for customer care is expected to be seen in the coming years.

Key Social Media Engagement Trend Takeaways

✔  Social media is the most effective way to interact with and support customers

✔  It allows establishing a two-way communication

✔  Valuable feedback and reviews from the customers can be generated

Stay Ahead of the Change in Call Center

Competition in the call center industry is going to get even stiffer. Call centers need to evolve and work in accordance with the evolving technologies.

But it is essential to mention that delivering high-end customer service and creating smooth customer experience still form the foundation of any business. Thus, any technical or social advancement in the business revolves around the customer.

Call centers are expected to evolve and incorporate newer advancements while aiming to deliver the best possible customer service.