Start with us in 3 Easy Steps. Let's have a look.

1. Online Registration

Signup for an account and Choose from our selection of local numbers, national or toll-free Or, port a number you already love and use. If you already have an account then please login to our Cloud PBX Portal for more details.

Step 1. Online FREE Registration
Step 2. Download our iPhone/Android App

2.Download The App Or Use Your Phone

You can use our app or a hard phone you already have. You can also check our customized ip phone. Talk to us and we will guide you what suits your business needs.

3.Configure PBX And Ready To Use

All you need, configure your phone and PBX which can be done via our cloud PBX portal. You will receive your account details via email during signup. Talk to our friendly support team if you need any technical help.

Step 3. Configure your VND PBX

Your Business need a local phone number

You can choose from our stock of Local, National or Toll-free or you bring your own number to our awesome Hosted Cloud PBX.