Essentially, a ‘cloud’ refers to a service that you receive over the internet, while PBX is simply an abbreviation of ‘private branch exchange’. So a telephone system which runs over internet is a cloud based phone system. A cloud PBX can provide even more features than a traditional PBX phone system, while enabling a non-technical administrator to easily set everything up with huge cost savings.

With our Cloud based Office phone system you can simply use IP phone, your regular phone via ATA, app on your mobile or desktop.

How to setup a Cloud PBX?

Generally setting up a Cloud PBX is very simple and quick. Once you choose your desired Call Plan, you can signup and start setting up the basic call flow. VND PBX is a cloud based system which means you can use the phone system from anywhere in the world. For example you have one office in New Zealand and other branch office in United states. You can buy a number from each location and route them from one office to another, it’s upto your business need. Your business calls are very important so you can design the flow. Call flow is done via flexible drag and drop menu.   With our hosted cloud pbx phone system, you do not need to worry about reliability and maintenance rather than from a complicated and difficult to maintain traditional PBX telephone system. Your business will see benefits and because upgrades happen at a remote server level, your phone system is always up to date without the need for new hardware!

How fast & reliable network we have?

VND PBX will be hosted across multiple data centers in dispersed geographic locations to house servers for failover redundancy. Redundancy means that our data center servers have exact replicas so that if one fails it can be automatically replaced (failover) by another to avoid downtime. This setup also enables call routing efficiency so that multiple offices and mobile users have high quality calls wherever they are located.