Cloud WebPhone

Cloud WebPhone

Get the experience with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) based phone. No need to pay for the expensive hard phone and have no hassle with the installation. Just open your browser and connect to your Cloud-based Hosted VND PBX. 

VND Cloud Webphone can be integrated with any 3rd Party Phone System via our robust telephony APIs. The Webphone can be fully branded for our resellers.



Our WebPhone comes with Hosted Cloud PBX! No Extra cost involves. This gives more flexibility to those customers who do not want to use the hardware-based phone. This also gives the freedom to use the phone service straight away as long as the browser is there, you can open the phone and start using the phone system. Webphone uses a TLS connection from your browser to the backend VND Phone System which means your voice data is fully encrypted.

Some of the key features of WebPhone are:-

Multiple Incoming Call Control

Call transfer

Call hold/unhold

Call conference

Call tagging

Call disposition

Call search

Call forwarding

Live chat

Call recording

Call centre switchboard

Phone presence control

WCAG 2.1 compliant

CRM integration