Voicemail Email

Every phone that is connected to our Cloud PBX system as an extension can enjoy the voicemail service. Your caller is automatically prompted to leave a message, this voice message can also be sent to your email as an attached recording. It’s just another way that our service, improves your service!

There are couple of ways to manage your voicemail messages.

Using PBX Portal

VND PBX Portal lets you to manage your voicemail greetings and voicemail messages. By default every PBX extension will get a default busy and unavailable message but you can upload your own greeting via media files section.

Using Phone

If your extension is up then you can just dial *86 to go to menu and record your busy and unavailable message. You will have a menu where you can manage your voicemail box. In case you have any question please go to our FAQ page if you can’t find the answer please talk to our customer service and they will be able to help you.