What will i get in 14-day free trial?

Our trial or live accounts are PREPAID by default. You will receive $2.00 FREE credit during the trial which will be enough to test basic features.

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frequently asked questions

what is my account billing type?

By default, trial or live accounts are PREPAID. This is the most suitable billing model for most businesses. You pay what you use for. Your account will be suspended as soon as the balance hit negative. You can always use the auto top-up option to avoid service interruption. 

Can i setup sub accounts?

Yes, our reseller account will let you make sub-accounts. Please apply for a reseller account.

Can i use my own phone with VND PBX?

Yes, you can use any SIP supported phone. Our PBX has been tested with Yealink, Grandstream and Cisco phones but our PBX should be able to work with any SIP phone. If you are unsure, you can always talk to your support team and they will be able to guide you.

Can i still use Microsoft Teams with my PBX Account?

We are fully aware the market trend. A lot of our customers are already using Microsoft Teams to connect with their work colleagues, so we have designed a MS Teams integration product for you which can easily be configured via your VND PBX portal. You can buy phone numbers instantly from our portal and route to your MS Teams Tenant. Your MS Teams can send outgoing calls to VND PBX trunk.

What to do if i have issues with my calls?

Your services may be affected by your Internet service provider. Thats the first thing you can check, if your internet service provider does not have any issue then check our status page. If both are looking good then start with basic troubleshooting like browse different websites and try to check the download/upload speed. We have also designed a web phone for you which will really help you to diagnose the issue. Just login to https://phone.vndpbx.com

Chat with us or call us on +64 9 8896552 to speak with one of our friendly staff.