Account Configuration

The Zoiper is a SIP softphone (VoIP Phone), available for Windows. iOS, Android, macOS and Linux. You can download it from here.  You can contact us for the license however it is free for non-commercial use. We will use zoiper 5 as an example here.

Follow these easy steps to configure your VND PBX account on zoiper 5.

  1. Search from the country Australia or New Zealand from the available provider’s list. You will select VND PBX otherwise just log in using your SIP login and password
  2. Add outbound proxy/authentication or you can skip it for now
Alternatively, you can download it from VND PBX portal under the Extension’s page which will auto-configure your extension and you do not have to go through the configuration process.
VND PBX in the Zoiper providers list
Login with VND PBX SIP extension

Auto Configuration

You can find your extension’s detail from our PBX Portal. After Login, zoiper will test the connection with VND SIP server. You can go to next and it will ask you to add Outbound Proxy settings. You can skip this for now and it later. You are ready to use Zoiper now.

VND PBX is fully tested with zoiper       Configuration instructions for Desktop, Android and iOS

You can also visit zoiper support for more details.