NetCommWireless NF18ACV

Configure your Modem for internet connectivity as guided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). When you are sure that your internet is working, please connect your phone with the modem as shown here. The image is just for your reference. Please talk to your Internet company about how to configure your modem for the Internet.

Netcomm-NF18ACV modem for PBX
Netcomm-NF18ACV modem-voice basic settings

Voice - SIP Basic Setting

The SIP Settings page is where you enter your PBX SIP extension’s detail. You can find your SIP extension detail from PBX portal under Extensions. We consider that your NetComm Wireless Modem has already been configured and your internet is working.

Configure your SIP Account 

1. Telephone port 1 represents SIP Account 1. If you like to connect 2 telephones to the modem please enable Account 2 as well. Once the relative information is entered, you can connect your analog phone to port 1 as shown in the above image. Pick up the cradle and if you hear the dial tone it means your SIP phone is ready to send and receive calls. You can also dial 86 or *86 from your phone which will give you the voicemail menu.

VDSL/ADSL2+ Dual Band AC1600 Gigabit Gateway with VoIP

NF18ACV is dual band VDSL/ADSL2 wireless router which also have 2 FXS ports. It is a best choice for your home or small Office where you need 1-2 phones. It also supports T38 fax transmission so you can connect it to your Fax machine directly to send fax using VND PBX. You can download the user guide here.