1. Account Sign-up

Sign-up for an account and Choose from our selection of local, national, toll-free Or, port a phone numbers you already use for your business. If you already have an account then please login to our Cloud PBX Portal for more details.

Step 1. Online FREE Registration
Step 2. Download our iPhone/Android App

You can download our mobile App from Google Play Store or ITunes. Get the username and password from your VND PBX Account. We have also developed a Web-based phone that allows you to make and receive calls from your Native Web browser. The Webphone supports ZeroTouch Provisioning. Just click and it will be ready to start making calls or receiving calls. The other option you have to use your own SIP hard phone. You can also check our Customized IP Phone Products. We have plenty of options for you so Talk to us and we will recommend whatever suits your business needs. 

3. Configure VND PBX

All you need, configure your phone which can be done via our cloud PBX Portal using a simple drag and drop IVR setup. You will receive your account details via email during the sign-up process. Talk to our friendly support team if you need any technical help.

Step 3. Configure your VND PBX

Keep personal and business calls separate.

You can choose from our stock of Local, National or Toll-free or you bring your own number to our Hosted Cloud PBX.