Hosted PBX is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional copper phone lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

VND PBX cloud based hosting platform is fully managed by our team. You will be given a web based portal which you can open from anywhere and setup your phone lines. You can setup your phones with a few minutes from anywhere at anytime. This also means your remote staff can work from any location, all they have to plug-in their phone and they will be connected to the telephony system. You can also use soft phones which can be installed on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). We have a lot of options you can choose from, or you can even bring your own phone. If you are unsure about the compatibility please email us at and someone will be able to guide you.


VND PBX provides 100% up time and offers downtime credits. We are not responsible for incidents beyond its control, such as failure in the customer’s LAN or customer’s ISP.

Our backend infrastructure is fully redundant and intelligent, offering the same or better reliability as your traditional phone company. In case of any natural disaster at one site will not bring our hosted PBX system down.

Yes, we can port any existing phone number or toll-free number to our network when you authorizes the move. It takes, on average, 5-7 business days to move a number. There might be a free involved depending on the location and type of the number. You can manage number porting from our My Account Portal.

Yes, we can provide you the demo account for the period of 30 day(s). Please talk to you if you want us to create a demo account.

We do not lock you up in a contract. Our service(s) are Pay as you go on month to month basis. You can cancel the service at anytime if you are not satisfied.

Savings can be as high as 70% over your existing services. These savings are achieved by:

  • Low capital expenditure – purchase only commodity phones, not a PBX system.
  • Lower circuit costs – your voice and data can share your broadband internet connection
  • Lower monthly fees and free minutes compared to traditional telecom services.
  • Lower management costs – moves, adds changes are free.