Storage on the AWS Cloud

a) Volatile

b) Non-volatile

Block Storage: Data is stored in the blocks with its id. Highly scalable and high-performance. 

Object Storage: Data is broken down into pieces called objects. Each object has its own id. Each object has Metadata.

File storage: Typical storage, can be mounted to other computers, etc..

Amazon simple storage (S3): backup etc, static website hosting, distributed contents, etc, big data analyses 

Securing data in S3

Bucket policy (prefered method)

Access control etc…

Amazon S3 Standards

  • High availability
  • High durability
  • High performance
  • Use for frequently access data

S3 Standard IA – Reduced pricing and pay for data retrieval 

S3 Intelligent Tier: AWS monitors data, most cost-effective, cost optimization managed by AWS. new feature 

S3 Glacier – Retrieve when you need it and pay for it, a low cost. 3-5 hours wait for data. Vault lock option available

S3 Data Protection

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