cloud based office PBX based in Australia

Essentially, a ‘cloud’ refers to a service that you receive over the internet, while PBX is simply an abbreviation of ‘private branch exchange’. So a telephone system that runs over the internet is a cloud-based phone system. A cloud PBX can provide even more features than a traditional PBX phone system while enabling a non-technical administrator to easily set everything up with huge cost savings.

With our Cloud-based Office phone system, you can simply use an IP phone, your regular phone via ATA, our State of Art webphone, and the app on your mobile or desktop.

How to setup a Cloud PBX?

Generally setting up a Cloud PBX is very simple and quick. Once you choose your desired Cloud PBX Plan, you can signup and start setting up the basic call flow. VND PBX is a cloud-based system which means you can use the phone system from anywhere in the world. For example, you have one office in New Zealand and another branch office in Australia. You can buy a phone number from each location and route them from one office to another, it’s up to your business need and service model. Your business calls are very important so you can design your call flow in a way that it is auto-answered even if your office is closed. The call flow is done via a flexible drag and drop menu called the Builder toolkit.

With our hosted cloud PBX phone system, you do not need to worry about reliability and maintenance rather than from a complicated and difficult-to-maintain traditional PBX telephone system. Your business will see benefits and because upgrades happen at a remote server level, your phone system is always up to date without the need for new hardware!

We also have a variety of IP Phones, from affordable to enterprise level. Check out the list and find the best suitable one for your business. If you are unsure which one suits you the best, just give us a call and we will be able to help you.

How fast & reliable network do we have?

VND PBX is hosted across multiple data centres in dispersed geographic locations to house servers for failover redundancy. Redundancy means that our data centre servers have exact replicas so that if one fails it can be automatically replaced (failover) by another to avoid downtime. This setup also enables call routing efficiency so that multiple offices and mobile users have high-quality calls wherever they are located.

These plans are designed for companies located in Australia and New Zealand.

Free trial
14-day free trial
AU and NZ Plan
14-day free trial. No credit card required.
Includes $2.00 FREE Credit for trial
1 Extension
NZ/AU Local phone number: $1.00
$0.03/min calls to NZ/AU Landline
$0.08/min calls to NZ/AU Mobile
Voicemail Email: $0.00
14-Day Free Trial
AU and NZ Plan
This plan is suitable for small to medium businesses
PBX Extension (Upto 5): $0.00
NZ/AU Local phone number: $1.00
Calls to NZ/AU Landline: $0.02
$0.08/min calls to NZ/AU Mobile
Voicemail Email: $0.00
Audio meetings: $0.00
Text to Voicemail: $0.00
Microsoft Teams Integration: $0.00
AU and NZ Plan
This plan is suitable for enterprises
PBX Extension (Upto 10): $0.00
NZ/AU Local phone number: $1.00
Calls to NZ/AU Landline: $0.02
$0.07/min calls to NZ/AU Mobiles
Voicemail Email: $0.00
Unlimited audio meetings
Voicemail to Text: $0.00
Text to Voicemail: $0.00
Call Recording: $0.00
Microsoft Teams Integration: $0.00
Fully customizable Interface (Reseller Module)
Fully customizable Billing (Reseller Module)

Our cloud Hosted Phone System

frequently asked questions

Do you offer any calling plans?

Our accounts are set to pay as you go by default because we believe you should only pay when you use the service. Having said that, we also make a customized calling plan specific to different locations. Just talk to us and we will be able to make one for you.

Can i use my existing landline number with this PBX?

Sure, you can use your existing landline number with our Hosted PBX. All you have to plug your landline into a device called ATA (Analog Telephone adapter). You can also use your current internet modem. Just email us and we will help you to sort this out for you real quick. 

Can i dial any international phone number?

Yes, you can dial any phone number. You can view our international calling rates

What is your PBX call cost model?

We are an honest and transparent service provider in the market. There are no call setup charges or any other hidden charges. Call from VND PBX to another VND PBX extension is free regardless of their location. 

Do you charge for extra calling features?

Most of the PBX features are included for free however we charge for some features like call recording, fax2email and SMS. The reason for the cost is, that we are 100% cloud-based and bear a cost for data usage and other services.

What happens if my internet goes down?

Reliability is the key to the PBX system, you can just add multiple failover scenarios. For example, your calls will be diverted to your mobile or multiple mobiles in case your internet goes down. This will give you the ability to continue your business as usual. Amazing ay!!!

Do you provide any Guarantee of this system?

Our standard SLA backed uptime is 99.99%. This means we have designed our systems in a way that you will get maximum reliability. 

Chat with us or call us on +61 3 86580552 to speak with one of our friendly staff.