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SAVE up to 70% on your traditional phone bills with our low calling rates and no lock-in contract. Our Hosted‌ ‌Cloud‌ PBX gives your company a robust set of communications features and enhances your productivity. No need to pay for the hardware or any other professional services, 100% self-managed phone system.

Buy a virtual phone number from any country and work from anwyhere
Buy phone number from our large stock or port to our network

Toll Free Numbers Great for marketing and a national presence, toll-free numbers can make your business sound more professional. ALL you need to signup with us and start buying numbers out of 80+ countries. AU 1300, NZ 0800, U.S.A 1800, 1877, 1888, 1866, and 1855 toll-free numbers are available instantly. Get yours today before they run out!


Local Phone Numbers Ever wonder how companies get their local phone numbers from different countries, even though they don’t have a presence there? Easily—and you can too. With us all, you have to sign up and click on Buy Phone Number. Select any country and get your desired number in less than a minute.


04X AU Mobile or 02X NZ Mobile Numbers The 04 prefix is the mobile prefix in Australia. Some customers love to call on mobile. Good news! We can now host your AU 04X or NZ 02X with full fledge PBX features. Get your Australian mobile or New Zealand mobile number on our hosted PBX solution before they are gone! 

Microsoft teams

"Microsoft Teams Direct Route" Integration

  • Direct Interconnect with MS Teams and our PBX for advanced calling features
  • Keep your existing phone numbers or buy new from us
  • Use advanced call center features like Queues, ring groups, call recording and reporting
  • Signup and integrate your MS Teams tenant for no extra cost
VND PBX - cloud pbx which gives you unlimited calling plan

Premium Quality with unbeatable wholesale call rates to AU/NZ, U.S.A, Ireland and 80+ countries

Most Affordable SIP Trunking Wholesaler in Australia & New Zealand

VND SIP Trunking solution is the most cost-effective solution for a business that runs its Phone system but looking for a reliable and affordable SIP trunking provider. Our SIP trunking solution is a full-fledge Reseller system which means you can even create multiple trunks and resell them to your customers. You can fully customize the interface, SIP domains, emails and notifications. Does this also mean you can become a SIP trunk provider on your own? YES, amazing ay?

Over 11,000 happy customers served.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about our services.

VND PBX system is quite reliable and the cost savings are extensive.  Their Cloud PBX phone system offers so much more – flexibility, resilience, integration to our website via API’s

John V.

Team lead - ideanet

One of our clients have recommended VND PBX and we took a chance. We are really happy with their services. They are always around for help. Highly recommended for any one who is looking for a reliable office phone system.


Director - MyFonetb

We choosed VND PBX because It’s on cloud and very easy to use. Any one in our office can modify the phone system at anytime.


IT Manager

Keep personal and business calls separate.

You can choose from our stock of Local, National, or Toll free or bring your own number to our Hosted Cloud PBX.

Your reliable Hosted Phone Solution

frequently asked questions

Do i need to buy any hardware for this phone system?

No, As long as you have a mobile or a computer with internet. You can start making and receiving calls instantly without buying any extra hardware, however, you can use SIP Hard phone if you like.

What are the major benefits by using this Hosted PBX?

Our hosted PBX is a fully cloud-based phone solution which means you will get the most reliable service. A BIG factor, you will see 50-70% savings with a lot of advanced features than your traditional telephone exchange. For a more detailed list please check the features page.

Can i use my current phone number with this PBX?

Yes, we will port your current phone number to our network. Our hassle-free porting process is fully automated. You can just send a request and we will process the number porting for you. 

Can i use my business phone from anywhere?

Yes, absolutely. This is the beauty of our hosted Cloud PBX system. You and your colleagues can take their numbers anywhere, and they can still be in contact with the customer. This also means that you can run your business from anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

Chat with us or call us on +64 9 8896552 to speak with one of our friendly staff.